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Failed to Make Club Most Reputable Team in Country - First Day on the Job

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Have just been hired at Videoton (20 Jun 2030), the President communicated that the Board is very disappointed that I failed at the goal of becoming the most reputable team in Hungary. I have not yet had my intro press conference and the goal's deadline is supposed to be the end of next season (currently in offseason). Haven't played forward enough yet to know if this will affect my standing with the team beyond marking that goal as Failed, but at the very least the communication is worth a look. 

Screenshots attached, also have uploaded save as "Brian Donahue - Videoton Board.fm". Thanks, guys, appreciate y'all!


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hey @briandonahue2

Yeah,  this doesn't look fair! When you joined, did you agree to the "Become the most Reputable" objective? (It is supposed to be for a season on!) If you have a save before you agree that it might help us :)

But yeah there is clearly an issue here. Thanks for your save, it shows the issue really clearly - I have logged this internally and passed it to the developers, this does need looking at.

Thanks, if you have an even earlier save before joining let me know, but understand if that's a big ask & this is now logged!

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@briandonahue2 I believe we've got this fixed on our internal versions, we were just wondering if you have a save from before you joined the club, as Tony asked above?

If so it would be a big help as we can test conclusively if it's working!

If not just let us know - thank you :)

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@Tony Garvey @Kyle Brown Ah guys, my apologies - just ran through my saves and unfortunately I don't have a save from right before joining. I am making a concerted effort now to make saves before any registrations, team changes, new contracts, etc., but I wish I could have been of more help here.

Some additional info: I did agree to the "Become the most Reputable" objective, recognizing it was unlikely I would pass it. I haven't had a ton of luck yet negotiating club vision items, so I figured I'd ask for forgiveness later. Perhaps, despite the timeline, it immediately recognized there was no mathematical possibility of surpassing the most reputable team that year, the same as it would recognize when it was no longer mathematically possible to win the league. 

It did not seem to have a major effect however; even despite a pretty major late season slide my job was never threatened. I posted earlier about a similar issue I faced after joining Toronto FC, and I (along with a few contemporaneous late-season hires by other MLS teams) was (were) quickly on the chopping block with little chance of surviving the season. In contrast, the Videoton board never made a fuss about the failed objective again. Eventually they offered me a new contract and the "Most Reputable" objective was never on the table. 

Thanks for your work guys, appreciate it.

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