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Hi, Appreciate views, comments, discussion on a 4-3-3 narrow that I've been trying to build up. I'd started up a Barca save and wasn't really feeling it but after dabbling in other saves decided to go back to it and play about tactically as well as take on a smaller team in the league (Valladolid) to see how same tactic applied.

With Barcelona, it has worked very well in terms of results, some games have been closer than scoreline suggests. I'd already played Real Madrid whilst using one of the 'out of the box' tactics (lost 2-3) however this run includes good wins over Atletico, Athletic and decent draws with PSG.


The affect with Valladolid however hasn't been nearly as good.  (edit, first match with Valladolid using the 433 was Granada - initially went 4411)


The tactic, showing both Barca and Valladolid just to show different positives/negatives.  From a Barca point of view, I'm relatively happy with it so far however will be looking to add more expressive / wider just to dabble with that.  From a Valladolid point of view I'm gonna look to a v2 whilst not changing the shape thinking about roles and instructions to suit the lower team, I unfortunately only made Spain playable season 1 else I would have taken over a couple other teams in other countries and tried it within the same save. I've attached the tactic here if someone wants to dabble themselves and share thoughts as I've put some player instructions on which won't come through on the screen grabs.






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Absolutely no defensive protection on the flanks is the major issue when it comes to the setup of roles and duties. I think the reason is obvious - attacking fullbacks paired with mezzalas is a recipe for trouble. 

Then instructions such as lower LOE and regroup point to a defensive style of football, which makes this unbalanced setup of roles and duties even more of a problem. Because defensive football requires a high degree of solidity. 

And so on ...

42 minutes ago, OldManPar77 said:

From a Barca point of view, I'm relatively happy with it so far

It may work with Barca only thanks to the world-class quality of their players, but is extremely risky for a weaker team. 

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Yeah @Experienced Defender I concede the quality of players at Barca probably carried the above tactic longer than it should have lasted. It did generally come unstuck and I played out the season with Barca and Valladolid just using other formations.

Onto Season 2 though and used pre-season as tinkering and working up something that on paper looks like 4-2-4 but in the way it's playing has the players operating more in a narrow 4-3-3 shape and not a mezzala in sight lol.


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