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Hi all, 

Been playing FM21Mobile for a few weeks now, addictive as ever although I’m struggling with Weymouth. Just a quick question, I see pictures of the layout online as seen in the attached photo, but I can’t seem to get it, is this only available on Android? I play on the App Store, maybe it’s under setting etc? That layout looks fresh with the menu buttons on the left. Fantastic game as ever though.

Many thanks for the help.



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That layout is given to devices which are considered high resolution and large enough screen to support it - basically if you're on a device with a small screen then the buttons on the left hand menu bar might not be large enough to be clicked accurately by a user so an alternative layout is given.

If you're on a high resolution device with a 'borderline size' (most decent sized modern phones) then the game will ask on startup which you'd prefer to use.

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Many thanks Marc Vaughan.

What you said makes perfect sense and I completely understand. I play on an IPod touch which obviously has a small screen but it would be silly buying the game again on Android although I have a 10 inch Alba tablet. I’ll stick with the smaller screen for now. 

Thank you again and good work on the game. Addictive as ever. 👍🏻

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