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Whenever I play at home, there is nobody in the stands. This does not happen in away games, though. I am currently managing Yeclano in LaLiga2 and attendance is pretty high every time, since I am overachieving and I am also currently in a playoff spot to be promoted to LaLiga. The game details and the inbox messages I get always tell me there is high attendance at home games, but somehow the stadium is always showing no fans (not even two or three people).

I have read different threads on the issue and I even contacted SEGA Support. They told me to post my issue here to see if some developer can help me out. 

I have tried doing what I have read in other posts regarding empty stadiums (deleting the preferences and cache folders and setting the graphics to maximum). It should not be an issue of graphics card (GTX1060) as they have always been set to Very High and the game runs smoothly. It is not an issue of low attendance.

I have also deleted the graphics folder containing the logo pack I downloaded, and after reloading the skin and closing and starting the game again, with no customized logos, there is nobody at the stadium. 

Does anyone know how to solve the issue?


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Hi Jack,

Thanks for your reply.

I see the max total upload size here is 9.77 MB and my game saves are over 246 MB each.

What can I do?

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I have had this same issue three and half seasons in for some reason. No home fans, just away fans behind the goal. Playing with Wimborne, now in League 2. Any advice will be helpful

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