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Youth intake on FM Touch 21

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Hello all,

I've been noticing that in this year's edition the youth intake, on other countries excluding the ones loaded in the beginning of a save, are very constrained. I've put up some tests and if I load a save, let's say, on Finland and other two Scandinavian countries, I would only see youth intakes coming from those three countries while Arsenal, for example, only generates two new young players to it's academy. At the same time, portuguese clubs, as an example, wouldn't generate any new players in this scenario.

I realize that there are limitations due to mobile devices on Android or iPad capacity itself but, while playing the FM Touch 20 version I never experienced this since I was having lots of newgens every year from many different countries. I can run some tests on FM Touch 20 and compare both lists on new intakes if this is helpful. Is this a "new feature" in this year's edition? Just trying to understand if this is something expected or not.

Note: I have installed the latest update that was supposed to improve youth intake but the problem still persists even in new saves. Also, all the testing was performed on a 2018 iPad.

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