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Fm21 Which file holds the information for the shortlist tab?


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After getting a bit fed up with having to reload the skin every time I boot into the game to get my shortlist view to stick, I’m looking to alter the code so that general information is the default landing screen when accessing the shortlist tab in scouting.

Is this possible? Which file holds the information for the shortlist tab (had a good look for it but it didn’t jump out at me) and does it contain code for setting the default view?


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Scouting -> Shortlist is controlled by the shortlist person search xml file found in panels\person extracted from the panels fmf file.

However it looks like the views are set in game code not the xml file as it's also used for the staff screen so doesn't look like you'd be able to set a default view from the file.

If the view isn't being remembered then it is worth raising the issue in the bugs forum if you haven't already.

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