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[FM20] United We Stand

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Jedinstvo Ub

Season 2023/24 - Preview

Board expectations

Linglong Tire Super liga: Fight bravely against relegation // After doing it twice already, third time shouldn't be a problem... Right?

Kup Srbije: Be competitive // I'd like us to go further than last time, past Second Round. Which means we'll fail at first obstacle, i guarantee it...

Finances: 581,600€ // We're loaded!!! But we'll try to get some upgrades done. Whatever we can. It's better than giving it on taxes.




Two big money deals, already mentioned, which improved our finances massively. Since our youth facilities are jacks**t, i decided we'll send all of our out-of-first-team youngsters on loans. We'll get the money, they'll get the experience.

Panic, i'm still torn whether i did the right thing. Partizan came hard for Mojsilovic and that tells me he has high-ish PA so i decided to bank on that and give him all playing time possible. Andjelkovic is there for backup.



This is our team for upcoming season. Bajrovic is promoted to #1, Filipovic will get into 11 ahead of Potkozarac (still here, nobody wanted him and week or so ago he decided he doesn't want new contract), who'll be phased out as he started to deteriorate.

That's about it.

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Finally!! Huge cost but we're finally upping something. Youth and training facilities has been at basic level since we started so this is a big step in the right direction...

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July 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



Oh boy... That wasn't supposed to happen...

Against Dinamo Vranje, we just couldn't hit the barn door. So many chances wasted, so many sitters missed while on our away trip to Novi Sad it was the defense that let us down. Proleter had 5 shots all game and we let in three of them.

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, deltablue said:

Bjelica really does look good.

He could become one mean dlp someday...


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August 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



Now that's an improvement...

One change in starting XI, Jobe got the starting gig instead of Boric and bloody hell, what difference it made. Lamin got two goals and an assist in four games. It took Boric half a season to get those numbers last year. Defeat at Rajko Mitic v Zvezda, well that was coming either way...

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September 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



Mixed month but i'm mostly happy with how it went. We had quite few players MIA v Metalac and almost won that. Rad one was insane as they utilized 433 flat and we were pretty much having boxing match, with punches and counter attacks going both way all the time. We were just a bit better with putting our chances to bed. Showed our teeth to Cukaricki but they're still superior side.


Kup Srbije


Stumbled a bit but came to our senses as we stuffed Radnicki like a Christmas turkey.

Out of luck for rest of the competition as we drew Crvena zvezda. Haven't got even a single point against them in the league so Second Round is most likely as far as we're getting this year...

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October 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



I think this is first flawless month we've had so far. We were absolutely fantastic, with schedule working for us as we could field out our best XI each time.

Also, what a difference one player makes... Lamin Jobe, you beauty!!

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November 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



Another unbeaten month, as we kept ourselves at 3rd. This will be our peak, i presume, since we're about to face all the big dogs of Serbian football in the upcoming days. And it will get ugly for us.

But hey, it was fun while it lasted...


Kup Srbije


As expected, Crvena zvezda was our undoing. Our h2h record against them is pretty ****ing ridiculous...

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December 2023

Linglong Tire Super liga



That went better than i expected it to... We actually made Partizan and Zvezda work hard for their points, with latter getting the better of us in 83rd minute. We were so close to ending our losing streak, so bloody close...

Match against Vojvodina at Karadjordje Stadium was postponed due to heavy snow.

Doing well at the moment. So well, i dare not say the E word, scared i would jinx it.

We'll see...

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One transfer out. Goran Potkozarac, after being most important player of ours since we started, is going back from whence he came to us. Iceland.



Friendlies played during the break. Not sure i'll post these SS' anymore (what's the point, since we always play weak opposition) but this one is kinda special since it mark first time we went abroad for a tour.

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February 2024

Linglong Tire Super liga



Decent start after long break as our chase for European glory continue.

Yes, it is too early to even think about it but one can dream...

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Class of '24


Fine intake, i guess. Haven't got single talent of Bjelica' caliber but few interesting kids in there...



Fourth goalie from four intakes signed.



Another midfielder to add into mix. All rounder with not so good personality.



Lovely looking right wingback.



Physically great but other than that, few obvious flaws. And personality i hate. He might be useful on the wings though, Ratkovic is getting on the wrong side of 30's.



Not the worst CD we've gotten...



According to HoYD, top player of this generation. He isn't bad, though i like the looks of Jelic more...



We need a DM to replace Ivljanin few years down the line and Radojica is already better than other candidates we have at the club for that position.

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March 2024

Linglong Tire Super liga



Undefeated month with somewhat easy-ish schedule ending with a classico against Partizan where we once more chipped points off of them, this time on their stadium where they've been pretty much unbeatable this season.

Conference League is so close, we can taste it. We mustn't fork it up when The Split happens...

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April 2024

Linglong Tire Super liga



We're going into Conference League!! We should. Currently 5th on Super liga table, three games before the end, 10 points ahead of Backa, last Euro ticket is in our hands. Rules says it does depend on winner of the Cup and considering Partizan and Cukaricki are ones in the Final...

That's it. Right?

Still, gotta wait for that message...

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Season Review - 2023/24


Linglong Tire Super liga - Our best league finish ever. And i'm lost for words right now, sad that i can't say anything more about it but my blood pressure is 300/200 right now after heated discussion on Discord about newly created Super League. And i apologize for that.

Kup Srbije - Same as last year, stopped at second obstacle by second best club in the country.

Finances - 191.200

Looking good but we have training and youth facilities to build. And i'm not sure whether or not money for that is withdrawn from our accounts...




The boys did great. First team experience is such a game changer for some of the kids as they developed massively.

Next season's gonna be freaking hard for us, with Intertoto Cup Conference League now in the mix.


Key Players:

Lamin Jobe - Our top scorer. Utterly brilliant this year...

Nemanja Ratkovic - Finally regained his senses after recovering from damaged cruciate ligaments.

Ademin Hadzic - Stepped in to replace Potkozarac and he did it remarkably well.


Finest Younglings:

Damir Filipovic - Future of our midfield, if we can keep him. Cukaricki and Crvena zvezda were sniffing around him til recently...

Elvir Bajrovic - Took over as our #1 and did well above my expectations.

Milan Mojsilovic - For a debut season, he did alright. Partizan didn't offer us over million euros for him for nothing (i hope this makes sense).


Career Summary



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July 2024




One notable exit, as Crvena zvezda picked up another of our talents, this time Nenad Sehovic. Board accepted the offer, all cash, no percentages included. We have quite few right backs in the pipeline so it won't hurt as much but i liked Nenad. His personality was the best of them all and he was always training well and improving.

But hey, it wouldn't be a transfer window without Zvezda stealing our best...

Squad remained pretty much unchanged comparing to last season. Adnan Sahbegovic comes in as CD cover while Lukovic will be our new RB backup.


Linglong Tire Super liga



Not exactly the greatest start in the world but considering we've put out mixed squad for first game while playing full backup squad against Cukaricki... Well, it could've been worse.


Europa Conference League


We were so, so, so bloody unlucky in this one. Dominated the heck outta Zorya but they were lethal on counter, converting two of their total seven shots (compared to our 20something).

It's not ideal but we're not without chances in rematch.


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August, September, October, November, December 2024 feat. January & February 2025

Well, last few days were a bit... Interesting, to say the least. Massive discussions about Super league, right here, on this forum, with my Discord pals so of course updates got outta hands.

Now we gotta catch up.


Linglong Tire Super liga




We're playing our best league season to date!! Aside from that little dip during December, when the games really piled up, we've been pretty much consistent. Our defense improved massively compared to last year and we're reaping rewards...

Due to Serbian league dropping down on coefficient table, we now have one CL place and three ECL spots. It would be nice if we could get ourselves ticket for another Euro adventure since our first one is brilliant.


Kup Srbije


We're never getting past that Second Round, aren't we??


Europa Conference League



Blasted our way through qualifiers, got into tough group, somehow beaten Nantes twice and managed to get into Knockouts.

Where we've eliminated Dinamo Zagreb.


How we've done all of this??

I don't know.

Really, no idea. All these sides are full of players, no grays so...


CSKA in the Second.



Currently under embargo, due to takeover talks. Not that it affect us. Also, this 600k investment is kinda laughable, considering we have over 3mill in the bank.



Two more loaned out since last time i showed this screen.

That's about it. I think.


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Knew i forgot something...


Intake is coming during the next month so we'll see how right HoyD was.


Also, for some reason, our Junior Coaching and Youth recruitment has been stuck on Exceptional for about a year now. Haven't had an option to upgrade it since we started work on facilities. When youth facilities got cancelled, i could ask for JC. That was during the beginning of the season. Since then, nothing.

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Class of '25

First thing first, as it turns out, i'm not very smart individual, groaning and complaining about Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment being stuck at Exceptional when it turned out that is the very maximum level possible.


Anyhow, Intake Time.


A bit disappointing one stars wise but i like the look of the lads. Junior Coaching maxed out seems to have improved their starting attributes, very clearly in some cases.

Six of them signed.



Top of his class. Lovely fella. And considering how tall he is, with that Jumping Reach, i can see him scoring quite a few goals...



We've got ourselves a proper winger, i'd say...



There's some work to be done but he could turn out to be really good. Already got that PPM i love to see in my strikers.



Nothing really wrong about him. Lovely personality. We needed some depth in middle of the park so i hope he develops...



Haven't counted them all yet but i'm pretty sure we have 5 or 6 goalies under contract at this point.



If we look only at physical, i could put him straight into starting XI. But there's some obvious quirks we have to iron out first...

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March 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



Injuries, suspensions and fatigue are catching up with us... Still, we're holding European spots whilst Partizan is running away with the league. To make the matters worse, Zvezda has turned on God mode, as well as Backa. It's gonna be a wild ride till the end.


Europa Conference League



I don't know how... I really bloody do not...

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They took their sweet time but finally the deal was done. Jedinstvo doesn't belong anymore to a local based businessman. And Nemanja Matic link isn't here anymore.

Oh well, the show must go on...


At least we are finally able to do some work on grounds...


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April 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



It wasn't pretty but we're still holding up. One cause for celebration, as we finally got one over Crvena zvezda. Stuff of nightmares, this...


Europa Conference League


Our luck has finally run out. We were so tired coming into this duel, with multiple injuries and suspensions. Danish champions played us off the pitch in Denmark while we were pretty good during replay. Ultimately, their experience prevailed but nevertheless, we had an Euro debut to remember!!


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Season Review - 2024/25


Linglong Tire Super liga - I forgot to add fixtures list for May (here it is) but it haven't changed things at all. Cukaricki flew away at 2nd while Crvena zvezda failed to use their momentum so they remained out of Europe for next year. Which makes me really, really, really happy.

Kup Srbije - Hopefully Lady Luck will take a liking to us and give us easier opponents so we can progress past this bloody Second Round. Getting Vojvodina (or Zvezda last year) this early in the competition is ridiculous.

Europa Conference League :1:  :2: - Started in qualifications and somehow got way further i could've ever imagined. We'll see next year whether that was beginner's luck or what...

Finances - 5,979,693

Yup, you read that right... Competition money + i sold Bjelica's 50% clause for 519k (Zvezda is in trouble, Cukaricki is sniffing around him and since there's no way they're paying over 1mill, we grabbed the money and ran). With this, we should be set for three years, at least.






The boys outdid themselves. I have nothing bad to say about them. Not even gonna nitpick.

There will be some changes though... Radojicic and Djurdjevic wants for new challenge and considering we're well covered in their positions, i'll let them go. Few of our kids had lovely loan spells so they'll get a chance to shine in the first team.


Key Players

Lamin Jobe - Our top scorer second season in a row.

Ademin Hadzic - Ademin was ridiculous with the number of chances he's created for this team. Out of this world!!

Milan Mojsilovic - His growth was immense. I was right to drop him into fire the moment Partizan offered 1m and so for him. Our first international player.


Finest Younglings

Viktor Boric - Acted as Jobe's replacement in Superliga and he smashed it!!

Branko Djoric - Central defender converted into fine DMC. If he continue down this road, that's Ivljanin's replacement sorted.

Petar Perisic - Radojicic's replacement in the heart of our defense. He did really well in tandem with Sajic, as our defensive record can confirm.


Career Summary



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Posted (edited)


Jedinstvo Ub

Season 2025/26 - Preview

Board expectations

Linglong Tire Super liga: Mid table // New board upped the expectations for the first time since we got promoted. Since Serbia got back 2 CL spots, i'm secretly hoping we can maintain our momentum and grab that 2nd spot.

Kup Srbije: Reach Second Round // Even board gave up on us going anywhere past second round...

Europe Conference League: Reach Third Qualifying Round // Since we were in QF last year, i'd like us to get into the group stage. At least. But we'll focus more on the league, go hard for that 2nd CL spot.

Finances: 5, 792,368€ // We're secured for a long time.




Radojicic and Djurdjevic both found new challenge they were looking for 30km away, landing at Buducnost Krusik, our local rivals. Few of the kids that didn't make the cut were let go, the rest sent out on loans, as usual.





Bacanin, Djurisic, Cermelj and Duric were promoted from u19 side (all came in last intake) and will get minutes off the bench. Dragan Markovic replaced Andjelkovic as backup LB while Vilson Simeunovic came in to cover both CD and DMC. Both of them has developed really well on loan spells in the past two, three years.

Edited by Constantine
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It's been more than five years since we went on this Jedinstvo adventure and ahead of our sixth season, i'd like to take a look back and see how our starting XI changed since, well, start.





My former classmate and the kid who replaced him. Enormous difference in ability as Jedinstvo's future captain remain unchallenged between the sticks.





While Radovanovic is still at the club, he hasn't progressed at all since the start which suggest me that he already hit his ceiling. Lukovic did well as Radovanovic's backup last year and considering he was top rated prospect by HoYD one year ago, i decided to give him starting role and push him as hard as possible. Sink or swim, kid...





Trajkovic was shoe-in in that side back in the day since we had to play two u21 in starting eleven. And while this position was occupied by Sajic till this season (who, as Radovanovic, isn't getting any younger // but still could do the job), i decided to give that position to young Bosnian international.





Radojicic was great fullback-turned-CD and while Nikola was better, rounder player, Perisic is better defender IMO. And he can just keep getting better.





This one is pretty obvious. Mojsilovic's growth is immense, he established himself as our starting fullback and he's getting there at international level for Montenegro.





Ivljanin was important player for us but his long term injuries ruined him. He's still useful player, started for us during last season but this year Djoric is taking over as our anchor.





Potkozarac was our best player during the establishing years in Super liga. Boric started out as MC but i used him mostly as striker (since we had lack of options) and this year he's getting back to his roots, occupying CM A role in our midfield trio. Bit of a controversial move since Hadzic killed it here last year but Boric is younger, better player and should do decent job in there.





Hadzic was our MVP last year and while he could still do the job, i'm going to sideline him to a mentor-ish role and let the kids run rampant. Filipovic hasn't developed at all last year and while i suspect he's hit his peak, he will be valuable player for us in years to come.





Ratkovic is still at the club, in the twilight of his career. Vlaskalic took over for him last year and made this position his own. Don't see that changing soon...





Bradic has improved little by little since he signed with us during first intake (i think, will check it later) with his breakthrough coming last year when he scored 12 and had 9 assists. Djurdjevic was mainstay with us since the beginning, only leaving just month or so ago, seeking new challenge.





Hasn't changed that much yet he's been killing it these past two years. One constant in our team, despite being a little neglected by me during season two and three.

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July 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



Mixed start, as we struggle to finish our chances (sitters we missed against Backa are asylum-admission worthy) but... It's been just two games, these things usually fix itself.


Europe Conference League


It was a lot easier than you might think when you look at the results. Our backups did good.


We aren't traveling far for next round.

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August 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



All things considered, pretty much flawless month in the league. Four wins and a draw against Crvena zvezda saw us shoot up the table.

Off the pitch news, two more kids went out on loan, with one big exit. I thought it would cause a bit more unrest but it was only Ratkovic who complained.

Hadzic was ridiculously good for us but he isn't worth this money. We were in a bit of a dispute, he was asking for a new contract, which i was willing to give him but wage was the issue. He was asking for 1.5kpw. And you saw few post above how much most of our first XI earn. We wouldn't go broke or anything but sometimes you gotta say no to a player (something Real Madrid's and Barcelona's board might want to learn from us).

On his way home he goes, to his team. I don't think he'll complain much.


Europe Conference League


We won't be repeating last year's heroics. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Match 1. Match 2.

Classic FM...

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September 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



Late equalizer against Cukaricki and dropped points v relegation-threatened Proleter irked me but can't complain about unbeaten month.


Kup Srbije


It was tougher than it was supposed to be but we're through to the dreaded Second Round where we'll face Radnicki Pirot. Easy enough... It should be.

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One note: had to replay game against Proleter (left my PC on stand by overnight and it couldn't boot up properly). We won this time around.



And as it usually happen, there are consequences for messing with the timeline. Instead of facing non-league team in the Cup, we'll now have to battle it out versus fellow Super liga side, Javor Ivanjica.


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October 2025

Linglong Tire Super liga



Mixed month in the league; Expected defeat v Partizan and dropped points against Spartak. We had them on the ropes the entire game, should've scored at least two more goals and they punished us for it with a late equalizer.


Kup Srbije


We're officially in the uncharted waters here as we finally, finally went past the Second Round...

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