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[FM21] Sixth Sense: A FM story of International Careers


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"Being good at international management requires no skills. Just confidence and a sixth sense" - Some guy at a pub once. (Genuinely)


International management is a tough one. It's the ultimate game of working with what you got. A fixed playerbase and long breaks between training whatever method of play you have come up with. To many an expert being in charge of a nation, of the pride and will of it's people. Is a job that often doesnt suit typical elite club managers. And often the same the otherway around. It use to be managers would lead a nation after long careers. With a reputation to wow their nation.


Not so much.

Those with their fingers to the pulse of the International game would be the first to notice something unusual across the world. Within the same week six international managers are appointed across the globe. Nothing to look at for too long. A usual feat after an international tournament. But this was six managers taking charge of their country as their first job. In august. And weirdly, One for every continental tournament!





Six People.

Six Countries.

Six Stories.

Zero Plans.


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12 hours ago, Ronaldo Beckham said:

Nice idea. I am looking forward to how this goes.

Haha thanks :)



Mia Grayson (Canada)

Small but Proud

Birthplace: Berwick, Canada.

Age: 23

Height: 150cm

Gingerness: Yes.



For some actually participating in football is never an option in the first place. Mia was a girl on the short side of short her entire life. Never one to win a header or manage to get any acceptable speed on a pitch. She was nevertheless enthralled by the sport that captured little of her country's attention. Still, many a nights were spent studying the game instead of sleeping. She often found delight in the tactical side of the game. The defensive masterclasses. The complete nullification of opposition teams. The Big Sam, The Tony Pulis, The Simone. 

 At the Age of 23, after getting some badges and a culinary degree incase things really went tits up. Mia strode forward ready to make baby steps towards a career in football management.



Yes, it was a fateful tuesday night when she recieved mail that the Canadian Football Association had accepted her application for the head coach. This was very suprising for numerous reasons, top being perhaps that she had never sent in an application in the first place. 

Still, she supposed she better get her text books ready to instill her idea of how the game should be played. Even if it the alpha test was to be on her home country.



She did say she enjoyed defensive performances. 


With a pretty....questionable team shaped up with a few stars on the brink of potential world class. Mia shaped her defensive mindedness to hold the line while taking advantage of the strength of player. Especially Davies on the left to sprint down and whipping a ball into the two forwards. In all honesty, this tactic was all about making things compact and letting the stars make magic. 

There was only one friendly to play in her first month of play. How did that go?


Free Maple Syrup for everyone. The woman's a tactical genius!

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Jacob Hyles (New Zealand)

"If We wait we can't mess up."

Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand

Age: 20

Height: 184cm

Social Skills: None



When people talk, they become annoying. When people look at you, they become irritating. Everyone rushes along with everything, never having the patience to get the result they want. 

Or at least that's what Jacob thinks. Don his red jacket and you'll hear of a man who thinks he knows how to solve the world problems. Taken away from a (certain in his mind) career by developed scolosis. Jacob went quick to stride through the New Zealand Coaching attributes. And given as about two people are football coaches in New Zealand. That left a certain man next in line.


And he knew just how to Turn New Zealand into a clinical footballing nation.



Given the fact that New Zealand are a minnow in an nanoscopic pond. Jacob found reason in keeping a strong spine through the team to keep the ball and out skill their opponent. He had hoped to try out his fresh look on some weak countries but apparently the friendlies were already set so,,.


The squad didn't actually play that bad against them. Postives for sure. But weaker opposition to play against next definitely.



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John Lesuuda (Kenya)

Purple Pants for Sychophants 

Birthplace: Kiambu, Kenya

Age: 24

Height: 183cm

Pants: Luxurious 


Compared to other African countries Kenya suffers from a lack of infranstructure and scouting. Its a tough place for football to prosper. But let no one tell John that. Being life long best friends with powerful men in the country. One wonders the reasons behind his surprise appointment for the National Team. I personally think it's his superior fashion sense to be fair. Always clean and tucked.

Obviously the first player that comes to mind when you think Kenya is Victor Wanyama. While he may no longer be at tottenham or at his peak he's still far along the best player in the national team. For Kenya to prosper John realise he must reinforce Victors spine to allow him to carry them through tough times.

Victors response to his first talk with John about this?


That backstabbing son of a...

Okay. Well.

This requires new thinking. 

A revamp of how this team works.

Something a little interesting.


While his life patterns and clothing may be the peak ofsymmetrical. His tactics are anything but.  Keep it wide, keep it compact. Wack it up and hope. How did that work?


Holding teams way better then us at a draw. But it seem we're prone to not beating teams we should beat. Still, keeping things even allows for lady luck to favour us if she so pleases.

Oh, and we also had the African Championships. John and I were excited to try out our team with practice into a real competiton. But it turns for at least this one that only players playing in the domestic competitons could play for the team. Which for Kenya, was literally no one in the first team. So a bunch of geezers heralded the Kenya name instead.


Look, seeing as the other teams actually had professional players in their B teams. I say we did pretty damn good. Even upsetting the group favourites in South Africa with a draw. We finished a respectful third when we were predicted rock bottom. Now if the other other cups could let us use our actual players please....

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