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Copying a whole competition from one edit file into another?

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Is this possible? Anybody able to explain how to do it?

THANK YOU in advance!

Edit: I'm referring to the competition in the nation rules, not just in the data.

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To clarify, I made a file for South Korea, someone else made a bigger, better file for South Korea. But I would like to put a cup I created in my file into his file.

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Hi, so it is possible, but it's really finicky to do and doesn't always work.  Basically, in advanced rules go to this page of the comp (below) you wish to copy, and click on edit.  It will ask you to copy the comp, so select that.



In the list on your new file, click add which will create a line called rules.  Find this under "show rules for" 


Once you've done this, go back to the screen shown below and click paste. 


This doesn't always work first time, (as you can see from my example) which is really annoying but this is the process of how you do it!

Good Luck


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