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Missing / Un-selectable Active Leagues

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No idea what I've done here, but I'm seeing this issue for the first time this year (FM 2021), never run into it before in previous years so I am a tad baffled. Has anyone else seen this? 

I've customized the USA and setup 4 leagues with a non-playable bottom league. Additionally, I've setup 2 leagues for Bermuda

Strangely, when I start a new game, I can't actually select the leagues for the USA, but Bermuda seems to work just fine. The dropdown simply isn't functioning and it's greyed out. To create Bermuda, I simply copied the USA config and tweaked it, so I'm totally confused as to why I have this issue with one of them and not both. The game plays just fine and everything seems to work ok, but it worries me that something may be going on underneath that's going to blow up in my face after I've spent a lot of time playing

Anyone seen something like this? I feel like maybe the game can't figure out what the US pyramid looks like, but I dunno. It's a pretty basic setup (or so I thought)




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5 hours ago, Fredrik said:

Isn't that how it looks if the nation rules works but aren't verified? That was the case in previous versions of FM at least. 

Possibly, I will have to check. I can definitely confirm that I did successfully verify before running the game though

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Ok, so I found the issue, maybe this will help others who run into this problem

I can't remember if this was the case in previous years, but in the master list of advanced rules, order apparently matters. I noticed that as I was adding rules for various competitions, the editor would automatically shuffle their order based on the associated competitions' reputation. This resulted in the different nations' competitions being mixed together in the master list.  I re-organized the rules in the list by moving up/down competitions and nation rules so they were all in cohesive blocks: nation1->leagues->cups->nation2->leagues->cups, and so on.  Now it is behaving properly. I can't remember ever paying attention to the order of that list before, so either I'm senile, or I simply got lucky in years past & had the order right

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