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Hi All,
I have just moved club from Inter Miami to Cruzerio in Brazil for my pentagon save. In my scouting players section, every player in the world is interested in joining me, but when I go to "agent avaliablity" it of course says that Mbappe is not interested in moving to Serie B in Brazil.
Any advice on how to clear this and make it so that players that actually are interested in joining me show up?
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Hi Dan, 

If you have a save game that shows the issue would you be able to upload to our cloud service? Details on how to upload can be found below. 

If you have a save from before you move clubs that would also be helpful. 



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Hi Ben,

I have uploaded both files to the SI Cloud Service. The are named:

Daniel Bird - Inter Miami (v02) (v02).fm - Is the current Cruzerio save at the latest date.

Daniel Bird - Inter Miami.fm - This is from around 18 months before when I was managing Inter Miami where the filter wa working fine.



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I have this same exact issue @PeakDan ! Thank god someone else has it. I moved to River Plate from Toronto FC in my Pentagon save and now everyone in the world is interested in me on the Player Search page, but of course not really.  Makes it much harder to scout as I cannot tell realistic targets from non-realistic.


@Ben Kenney - any chance we can get an update on a possible fix here?

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