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Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but I could not find it. Don't know if this is a bug or not.

In my Wigan save, I am trying to loan in Jack Clarke from Spurs (listed for loan) in the January transfer window (Jan 6th 2021 to be exact). However I am prevented from making an offer with the message 'Cannot loan player when the loan will finish outside the selling team's transfer window'. This seems to apply to all players in the English leagues, but I am able to make loan offers for players from other leagues. In addition I was able to renew a loan for an English player that I already had on loan.

Not quite sure how to proceed here, I don't know of any obvious rule that would prevent this. Any ideas or suggestions??

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@Luke Hume I have uploaded the save game as Wigan TW.fm. Thanks for taking a look at this!! Just for clarification this save did start using the Beta, going through the forums I have seen a couple of users with similar issues, but no resolutions.

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Thank you for the save game. 

This looks to be related to the issue you have seen reported elsewhere on the forums. 

This is only affecting saves started in PRB that have yet to pass the 24th June 2021. Its something that the dev team are investigating. 



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