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Advice Regarding Playing Position

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Hey guys,

Playing as Liverpool. I have a player called Takumi Minamino. I'd like to ask about his position in the team because his profile overview shows his "ideal" place as being on the left midfield, yet he's accomplished in this role. On the right side, however, he's anatural. I don't understand why the game is showing his ideal role in a less optimistic position. Or am I missing something?

Kind regards.


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Seems to happen a lot on this their media description will say "striker" best role recommended by coach will be inverted winger or whatever, try him in different positions and see where he plays best, I have Musa juwara for example who is natural as a left winger and striker but since he's left footed I get good performance from him in the inverted winger attack on the right which he's only "accomplished" at, he's my utility player that plays anywhere in the front 3, SC, AMR, AML

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Thank you for the response, Jorge. I checked his training report. It appears he's trasining in the AMR role (dark green). Perhaps his "best2 role (ML) as highlighted by the game is now only "accomplished" because he's developed nicely on the opposite side?

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