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FM Touch 21 Purple Haze/Dark Skin (Tablet)

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Spent the last month tweaking my initial Dark Skin for FMT21 and I'm finally at a point where I'm delighted with the end result. Loved the shades of purple in this year's FM so I used that as the colour palette for this skin. Big thanks to @michaeltmurrayukfor providing the basis of the default skin so I could have something to start with and for the match screen mods. Hope you all enjoy!


1. Extract FMT21 Purple Haze Tablet V1.2 into the skins folder of your tablet.

2. In Preferences, select clear cache and force quit FMT21.

3. Load up FMT21 and the skin should now be working.

Download Link:










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Hi..I have tried getting the new skin with my custom graphics on my Ipad Mini 4 but game just will not load..Have tried clearing cache then loading the skin, loading the skin without clearing cache but no luck.  Any ideas because spoils the fun without the graphics ?..

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