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Please someone to explain..How instructions are affected by player traits as he play as left winger and as such i want him to hugs the line..By my understanding if i play him on right wing he should do cut inside cus i dont think he could do both...T as

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Hm, that looks like a bug, hopefully in the UI only. If you played him on the right wing, then he would cut inside (probably depends on a lot of other factors, like if you tell the team to play with more discipline), but if he played on the left, then he should be hugging the line and not cutting in, so no idea why the game says what it says.

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I tried him on the left as winger on support or attack and he always cut inside..When played on the right he cuts inside anyway..Probably the solution is to discourage his traits with training..but he is not world beater..Better sell him..But in end I can not believe such player could exist..with so contradictory abilities..Kind of  schizophrenic speed monster..

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