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Really need a second opinion with my possession tactic.

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Hi everyone.

I manage one of the top teams in Turkey. I want to play possession football. But my tactic is not good with creating changes. It's hard to win matches while using this set-up. I really need a second opinion. Because I think my tactic is very balanced even though I sacrifice something in order to having ball much more than opponent. Probably, I leave out something. Here is the tactic;

Mentality- Balanced (Because I want to keep possession and balance risk an rewards)

In possession- Shorter passing, Play out of defence, Dribble less, Work ball into box, Narrower wide. (Because I want to keep possession)

In transition- Counter-press, Take short kicks, Distrubute to centre backs. (Because I want to win the ball back when I lost and I want to build from back)

Out of possession- Higher DL, Higher LoE, More Urgent, Prevent GK distribution. (Because I don't want opposition play with ball easyly.)

If I can not lead after 60 or 75 minutes, I go Positive or Attacking mentality and remove TI such as play narrower and dribble less. Sometimes I add ''Be more expressive'' TI. They don't change anything yet. 

4-3-3 DM Wide

GK- SK(s)

DR- WB(s)

DCR- CD(d)

DCL- CD(d)

DL- WB(s)

DM- DM(d)

MCR- B2B(s)

MCL- AP(s)

AMR- IW(s)

AML- IF(s)

ST- CF(a)- (I use DLF-a with my rotation  player)

I know there is a lot of support role and lack of penetration. But I believe that it's necessary for my build. Additionally, I know that I can not notice where I am wrong. 

Any comments or suggestion are welcome.

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Okay, so your setup of roles and duties looks like this:


IFsu                             IWsu

APsu    BBM


WBsu   CDde  CDde  WBsu


Potential issues:

- insufficient central penetration, especially if you are a top team facing mostly defensive opposition + potential isolation of the lone striker as the only attack duty

- too many players operating in a tight midfield area (both CMs and both wide forwards basically encouraged to overload the same area(s) of space, but without any meaningful purpose)

Advice: given that you want a possession-heavy approach, the fist tweak I would suggest is to swap the duties of the striker and AML. Like this:



P.S: It's quite possible that another tweak or two will be needed, but try this one first and then report back if there is any tangible improvement.

Now let's see the instructions:

Balanced - short pass, PoD, dribble less, WBiB, narrower width - counter-press, short kicks to CBs - higher DL, higher LOE, more urgent, prevent GKD

In possession, I personally would not insist on instructions such as WBiB, dribble less and narrow(er) width (especially considering your team's reputation in the league). Because:

- WBiB can needlessly overcomplicate your attacking play in the final third and thus make it easier for the opposition to defend

- dribble less can deprive you of a potentially potent attacking tool (assuming you have players who are good on the ball and hence able to disrupt opposition defenses through dribbling)

- narrow(er) width can limit your attacking options against defensive opposition by reducing the overall space in which to operate

In transition, I would remove both the short kicks and distribution to CBs, simply because you already use the Play out of defence + short passing, which are sufficient for building up play patiently from the back

Out of possession, I personally never use so aggressive combination of instructions, but I guess you don't want to tone them down due to your strong insistence on hardcore possession football. 

Btw, you may also consider switching the Keeper's duty to defend, given that in FM21 - according to Rashidi's videos - SK on support duty tends to play adventurous long passes a bit too often (almost as much as SK on attack), which is obviously not possession-friendly.

If you have any questions or perhaps need some clarification on the suggestions above, please let me know :thup:

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Thank you for your responce. I am gonna try what you advice. Actually, I thought GK distribution is necessary for build up from back. I really didn’t know that play out of defence + shorter passing is enough. 
I am gonna responce when I try your suggestions.

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First of all appreciate to suggestions.

We are kinda same move here.

Some result;

- Players looks like to more long or killer balls to IF(a) (more than necessary so we lost ball on the flank a lot)

- IF(a) were too aggressive (dribling and lost ball ex.)

- GK generally play short but he was too direct sometimes. (Btw, I am suprised he was play short without GK instructions)

- Maybe IF(a) can't get enough support. (??)

- We are really struggle to create changes. (We cant even shoots enough) (More than before)

- CDs continue some silly long ball. (not every time)

I guess I can not find any solution for my problems right now. (sorry for bad english but I appreciate your suggestions and trying them..)





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