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Champions Cup 2nd Leg Substitution Issue

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I've found that in the 2nd leg of Champions Cup head to head matchups, the substitution limits revert to 7 being named and 3 being able to be picked.  This happened in both the round of 16 and quarter final ties.  The first leg uses the 9 subs named/5 used limits, but the 2nd leg reverts to the old rules.  

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This is happening to me too. Where do I find the save file on iOS?

edit: in the meantime I’ve uploaded a screen recording of me not being able to add a player to the 8th sub slot. File name is RPReplay_Final1610486955.MP4

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I've uploaded three files for your review.  They are FC Bayern to SI; FC Bayern to SI2 and FC Bayern to SI 3.  Two of three are at the point of the second leg (one at the R16 one at the semi final stage).  One is at the first leg to show the difference.  

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