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Dominating every game, yet concede every shot the AI takes.

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Just curious if I'm doing something wrong as the match stats seem to be far worse from FM20 (which as bad too).


I've played three seasons now, and every game without fail leads to me having 25+ shots and about 70% of them on target, scoring about 1-2. The AI seem to have 2 shots and both go in each game. Is there something I can check to see where I'm going wrong? This isn't a once off, it genuinely happens every game.


My game before writing this I had 28 shots, 19 on target and scored 2. They had 3 shots and scored 3. (I know this happens in real life, but not every game)


So what I'm asking for I guess, is a way to find out why this is happening every match and what to fix? 

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Dominating and not scoring while conceding can happen every once in a while for any team (see Liverpool in real life recently), but if it's something that happens regularly, it's usually either a tactical issue, or players in key positions are either not good enough, or not suited to whats expected of them.

Now, to find out what happens is not easy, but it's all about analysing each chance you create. Are the chances "good" or are your players shooting from tight positions under pressure. Take a look at each chance and see if you can spot any trends. The most common issue I've seen in tactics is too little movement between the lines. Midfielders running in behind while strikers are dropping deeper, or wingers pushing inside every once in a while, overlaps, etc. Also, are you asking players to play with too much tempo against a deep block, the can often shoot too often from poor positions, slowing things down and having an outlet to recycle possession can often help to avoid counters or create new chances if the current one is not a good one.

However, if you are looking like you are close to chances or miss sitters it could be your main attacking outlets are too poor, or your creative players are not good enough to create chances for the strikers. 

The same goes with conceded goals and other chances against. Are you just unlucky and conceding wonder goals? Or are you getting countered to death because you send too many players forward and the lower team toss it long and create chances against few defenders? Are you conceding goals late because your players are dead tired because your tactic is so demanding?

If you are looking for a way to analyse your tactic specifically, I'd advise opening a post in the tactics forum and have the gurus there help out. But you could try to do some analysing yourself before you do. Nothing is better in FM than finally ironing out that tactical snag that is stopping you from winning!

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without seeing anything I would assume to reduce defensive risk for your out of possession and in transition instructions. Or your defensive / central midfield is set up too offensive.

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Thanks for the responses everyone - it's probably as XaW or Carrera said! I'll give those a few tweaks and analyse my games a bit more to make some changes and it all else fails, I'll post on the tactics forum to get further advice. My tactic probably is too attacking!

After a day of no FM, I've calmed down and I'm ready to go again!  

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