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Silly question - Why can't I see player attributes ?

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Right .. so I have done something I haven't done since FM13 and that is: manage a team outside of the top European leagues. I decided to take on Spartak Moscow to a long adventure and oh boy ... what a first season that was, incredible ! I fully recommend you guys to give this team / league a go if you want something new: lots of young players, talented and they play FIRE ! Anyway, the reason I am here is because I do have a question you guys may know the answer:

If I click on any player in the league (except my own players) I am unable to see a single attribute. I need to scout them before I can have an understanding of what sort of player profile I am looking at. The best I got, was seeing the stats like 9-15 or 6-12 ... you get the picture. Even after a full season in the league, the situation is unchanged. I find this very weird, as whenever I am managing in Serie A or Bundesliga, I can see most of the player's attributes (players in those leagues I am managing). I chose my nationality as Russian and I do have 7 scouts at the club as well, so I really don't know why this stuff happens. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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