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“Colour blind” attribute colours

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Where has the option for this gone? I always used this but the option seems to have disappeared in Preferences. Please reinstate it ASAP as I hate the default attribute colour settings. 

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Hi @Harry Dunning

its more what I’m not seeing. The option for colour blind attribute colours has disappeared from preferences 

Can’t give you a screenshot as the option is no longer there, but this is one from fm touch 19 with the colour blind attribute tick box that was 100% there on FM21 until the latest update :



EDIT : This is what my Interface screen in preferences looks like :



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22 hours ago, Harry Dunning said:

Hi @Burty76,

This has been raised with our devs who are currently reviewing the situation.



Thanks. Do you know if there is a fix for this , or a reason why it was removed, as it has made the game unplayable for me as I struggle with the default colours, which now cannot be changed 

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