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Issues when watching a highlight

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When my match has a highlight usually both Touchline Table and Match Stats go transparent so you can see whats happening. However now the Touchline Table fades out when the ball is within the are of Touchline Table and goes back to normal when out of it. The Match Stats also doesnt become transparent either. It was working fine yesterday however today the issue has happened.

I have tried clearing the cache and reloading the skin as well as restarting FM and my PC too.

Update - I have uninstalled and reinstalled FM and the issue is still there

I have attached an image to showissue.thumb.PNG.ce1b8019902b26da87945623b82f01be.PNG

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Hello John Wood,

thank you for your answer!

But why do the rigth side (Touchline Tablet) disapear completely and only the left side (match stats) does this fading effect? I think before the last update both sides disapeared completely.

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