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Crash when accessing player match analysis report before post-match analysis

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After playing a game, you can access a player match analysis report.


However, if you do this before the Post-Match Analysis news item it causes a crash when 'Generating Match Report'.

So in the example below, the player report works if after 8:46 AM on Sunday 27th. If you try and generate the report after the final whistle on the 26th, it crashes.

Probably should remove the match from the drop-down until the post-match analysis has been done.


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Hi @Harrison Modeste

Yes, I'm playing 12.2.2, although I can't remember if it was updated to that when I reported this.

I've just loaded up the save from that point (I kept a copy so I could send it here) and the issue is no longer occuring. Very strange as it happened several times - each time it crashed I had to kill FM and replay the game so I tried a few times to be sure.

Now when I click on the match, it is generating the match report with no problem, whereas before it would hang when the bar got about a quater full.

Who knows. Maybe FMT updated or else just restarting the PC/Steam has done something.

Apologies, will keep an eye on it and see if it occurs again.



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