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Request for funds denied as apparently not doing well and under pressure

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I am currently managing Napoli in November 2022., and I interacted with the board to request funds to buy Michael Olise from Reading.

They originally said no (I chose the option on the left), I said he would become a key player before long under my guidance, they told me they did not want to allocate funds to a manager who wasn't exactly doing well and under some pressure.

I have currently won all my league matches, except for one away defeat to Lazio. I won the league last year and have just finished top of my Champions League group containing Man City. I think I was graded as a B overall at last manager review and told me they were happy with my performance, I haven't moaned about anything, the club has money and is predicted to comfortably pass ffp.

I have a save just before I tried to sign him if you would like me to upload.

Again, thanks very much in advance for your help.


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