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Network game - latest scores and live league table tabs

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Just want to start off by saying FM21 is the best FM online experience for many years with regards to stability, joining and watching each others games. So thank you and well done team!

There are a couple of issues I have spotted however, that I believe maybe network related, and I apologise in advance if these have been raised before, or in fact they are not entirely network related alone.

I simply cannot look at the live league table during a friends match. I click on it and it just stays a blank screen. I thought it might be a load time, lag issue, but even waiting for over a minute didn’t help. It just doesn’t show.

The other issue is on the same page, different widget. The latest scores tab routinely and often will show duplicate matches and scores.

Neither of these issues are necessarily a problem, but they are bugs I’d imagine, and I wanted to make you aware of them, if you weren’t already.

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20 minutes ago, Tyburn said:

Ha. This part of the forum is like a tumbleweed ...

Yeah... it's really not great as Support sent me here under the premise I would get quick responses from SI. However, I echo your comments above; avid FM player since 2013 - brilliant every year and it keeps on getting better!

I also cannot see the Live League Table in Online Games and see also see duplicate scores in the Latest Score; but these sort themselves post game once a friend has finished their game. It doesn't prevent gameplay, just a little bug!

Fingers crossed we get acknowledged soon! :)

Stay safe!

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