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Hi, Im big fan of Football Manager and every year I buy game on Steam but sometimes comes times when I don’t have time for PC version like now. Last year I buy Switch version too because I wanted support your work. This year I want buy too but I still see 3 nations just to play. Why? Nintendo is strong console and you must allow players more nations to load. We paid 39.99€ for Nintendo version and this is not cheap for Touch version but still we want support you. I appriciate your work and Im glad to have your game on my Switch but small database is big problem. Is possible to change this in future or Switch will be always on 3 nations?

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As @Alex Pitt mentioned in another thread, they're limited by the sheer breadth of weaker android tablets they support on this 3 leagues point.

It will be interesting to see if they can find a novel way around this via a configuration setting, or something similar, in future versions though.

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