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Staff Responsabilities bugged- Missing sections of "Staff > Responsabilites", and unusable features, like training.

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Not sure how it happened at all, but I went to check my staff responsabilites after having hired a couple of new coaches and members of the staff and found myself with the following screenshots. Can't change training, can't match settings, and a bunch of other features. Would greatly appreciate any advice or help on how to fix this. Thank you.




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If you have a save game which shows the issue would you be able to upload to our cloud service. Details below. 

If you have a save from just before the responsibilities have gone wrong then could you please also upload that one. 



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I've uploaded the save through the link provided, though I'm not sure how to share it with you. The filled is called "Filipe Xavier - Porto.fm".

Unfortunately, I do not have a save file from before the responsabilites went wrong. I do want to say the bug(s) appeared after I retired a manager I added to the save to manage my B team. So I was managing the senior team at Porto, and created one so I could manage the B team, since they are treated as an actual club, and not a U19 or whatever. A couple of hours after having retired him, that's when I noticed that everything was a bit of a wreck in "responsabilites". So maybe that could have messed up everything.

Thank you!

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