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Player Promises and interaction

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Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post and then either read it or ignore it :P

So, I signed Jordon Ibe as a squad player for my Shrewsbury team to add depth to the wings. As part of his contract he wanted to be played in his prefered position and role (AMR-winger) which seems fair enough I thought, the problem was that I then forgot what his preffered position was and so played him in the way which suited my team best (AML-inverted winger). He spent the whole season being concerned he wasn't playing in his fave (which I'd forgotten). To top all of this off he had an absolute stormer of a season (see attached), but at the end he came to me in a meeting and complained and only then did I find out he wanted to be a winger. My only options then were to essentially say either 'go away' or 'I'm very sorry' so I just said 'I'm very sorry' and now he hates me and thinks I'm useless. Realistically I should have been able to point out that as a manager I know how to get the best out of my players and him having such a good season should make that obvious or at least allow some discussion but I'm not able to, it's just set in stone!

He believes he was playing in a weak role despite getting 17 goals in 33 games and the game says his best role is where I played him and I couldn't find his favourite role anywhere and I never considered playing him as a winger!

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Does anyone know where to find a players favoured position and role rather than what the game thinks might be his best?

I've also noticed another issue where is says he played 32 times on his history but he actually played 33 times...

Please excuse the cut off background in the screenshot, I'm playing about with skins...

Thanks for reading!

JI SS2.png

JI SS.png

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You will probably have to ride this out as long as he is performing although I agree that the options when talking to him are not ideal.  One tip that I have found when a player is demanding promises about non financial conditions is that if you pay the wage and money add-ons that he wants, all other promises can be removed from the negotiations and he will almost always agree.

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