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Complacent after New Contract

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I don’t think I’d ever seen this before, but I’ve had two players sign new contracts (both around 21-22 years old), and shortly afterwards get a note on my coach reports saying they had become ‘complacent’ after signing a new contract...one of them doubled up on this by being absent from training after a night out. 

I’d never seen this before but seems their hidden attributes, professionalism at least have tanked. 

Is this new this year? I’d never seen this before. Cool feature but hoping I’ve been unlucky to get it twice in quick succession

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It's been in for at least a couple of years. It can happen when a young player gets a big contract and now thinks "I've made it", so loses that motivation/professionalism. The news item may be new or at least, I don't recall a news item mentioning it specifically like what you've seen.

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