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(Save Uploaded) Player is Simultaneously Very Happy with playing time and Unhappy and complaining about playing time even though he has started every game

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I just accepted the job at Port Talbot and a player (Ryan Morgan) is unappy with his playing time which he says doesnt fit his status as a star player. There are a few issues with this:

- His agreed playing time is Regular Starter and his actual playing time is Important Player. He does NOT have Star Player as agreed playing time.

- His profile says he is happy with his playing time

- He has played in every league game

The save game has been uploaded and is called 'Port Talbot All Playable2.fm'. Please be aware that there are two players called Ryan Morgan in the squad, and I am referring to the 26 years old Ryan Morgan

In the screenshot below you can see that the player is very happy with his playing time under he 'Playing Time Pathway' Section but under the 'Happiness' Section it says an issue is his playing time.


In the screenshot below you can see he has made it known he is unhappy


In the screenshot below you can see he thinks hes a star player and is unhappy


In the screenshot below you can see he has played in every league match20210107004400_1.thumb.jpg.3f3d72e782bb12652fd76868c8591078.jpg




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hey @francis#17

Hmm, yeah from your screenshots I can see the clash - he's only played 9 games though. Maybe take it up to 10 and see if things change

Thanks for the save, I'll take a look myself. Basically, yeah, if this carries on it's an issue, good spot!

I'll come back with what happens next; if you play on a bit more let me know if it changes or not, please :)

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Hey @francis#17

Sorry about the delay! We ended up making a few changes to this area of the game.

You'll still have Morgan unhappy in your save as it has already happened (or has in the save I have), but basically by November, after playing plenty of matches he loses all concerns whatsoever - there is (rightly) no justification for him to continue being unhappy

You should be fine to play on, and hopefully see less of this issue in the future :)

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