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I'm usually rather forgiving of this kind of thing but it honestly appears that fantasy draft mode wasn't even tested for bugs this year.

It would be quicker to list the things that do work than those that don't.

But anyway here goes (again - some of this was pointed out in the beta)....

  • When adding AI managers none of the searches work. I search "Man" under club name for "Mandoza FC" and a few clubs come up (not the one I'm searching for though of course), some of which don't even include "Man"!
  • Filtering for players doesn't work. It constantly resets various aspects for no reason when you go in and out of the filter.
  • Clearing positions from the filter doesn't clear roles.
  • There's two "add to shortlist" buttons on the player menu for some reason
  • Often the "pick player for draft" button just isn't on the player menu and you have to click on a player then go back for it to appear.
  • Every time you start a fantasy draft it keeps asking you to choose a captain, even when you already have.
  • What's with the news stories of hiring a new assistant manager?
  • Part of the pitch is obscured under the player's bar in 2D, even if you zoom out fully
  • Replays are off by default for some reason, and when you tick it goals are still unticked by default
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Draft mode needs some serious attention. 
So keen to play this again over lockdown 3 but our first attempt left us with no option but to simply give up.

Mid season draft simply did not function, and reluctantly everybody agreed that the game was unplayable in its current stage. Very sad. 

Is anybody on top of this? 

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Hello @tiotom92 and appreciate the detailed feedback.


1st one - We reproduced this internally and it's now passed on to the dev team to investigate :thup:

Filtering - known issue that we're working on getting fixed

Clearing positions - flagged with the dev team :thup:

Add to Shortlist - we're looking to reproduce this internally :thup:

Pick Player From Draft - can you be a bit more specific, maybe provide screenshots? We haven't encountered this internally.

Captain - do you mean the double news item to select a captain? If so, we have that under review.

Assistant Manager - known issue currently reviewed.

Pitch - another thing we're working on, but might take longer than the rest.

Replays - that's another thing currently investigated by the dev team


@Tonton_Zola and @Tyler1995 - since the release of 21.2.2 update, have you guys been able to play with Mid-Term Draft? 


Kind regards,


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