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Quick question: "Promise to strenghten squad up front" does it involve AM's or only strikers?

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As the title says, I have promised some players on my squad to strenghten the attackers this season, but I don't know if signing attacking midfielders or attacking wingers counts towards that promise, or only strikers?

Also, it takes quality into account too? If I sign a bad striker they will not see the promise as fulfilled?


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Hey @Avallach sorry for the delay in getting to you

OK, when you make this promise, "attackers" is referring to the position of striker, with them finding this position Natural. So any kind of striker (it's about strengthening position, role doesn't matter), but yeah, the "strengthen" part means an improvement

Hope this helps!

I have logged this to investigate internally this as I appreciate it could be a bit clearer :)

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