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Android update has knocked the touch screen out

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My phone (Samsung S20) updated overnight. Most of my apps are working fine as previously, but it has knocked out the touch screen controls. I have to press the top middle of the screen to Continue, for example, but its not like everything has jumped 50mm to the left.

I have tried reconfiguring my touch screen, uninstalling and re-installing the app, and restarting my phone. Is there anything else that anyone can suggest?

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I see that there is another topic in the technical forum. Apparently a solutiong would be to change Screen Resolution, but there is no option for this with the S20 FE. This is the only app on my phone that I have this issue with, and Samsung support has asked me to ask FM Support if they have any other suggestions?

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16 hours ago, MightyQuinn89 said:

I've seen a solution in the other forum...Settings > Display > Full Screen Apps > Set FM21 Mobile to ON and restart your phone

Tried this and it still didn't work 😭

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