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Help, I can't get an interview!

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Hi all, I hope someone can help as I'm going nuts here:

I have just won back-to-back promotions through Brazilian Serie C and B, winning Serie B and 3 domestic cups in the process. I'm almost up to 2-stars in reputation. I started as a Sunday League footballer, English, and am currently studying for a Continental B Licence. 

I decided at the end of the season I want to manage in England, but after months of applying for pretty much every job that's come up (whilst employed and after resigning), I haven't even had one interview - from Charlton (3-star rep) right down to Dulwich Hamlet (0.5-star rep). I've just left Paysandu, who are now 2.5-star reputation. I am constantly linked with, and recommended to go for top flight jobs in South America.

What is going on? The managers who are being employed in England are often lower reputation than me, and the clubs are too. Is it anything to do with my current badges? On the rejection letter of clubs around my level, it always says "due to the strength of other candidates you've not been shortlisted, but we'd like to put on record that you would've fitted our style" (or something similar). 

Please help!

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While you're English, you've managed in Brazil. Your reputation will have risen in Brazil then, but you essentially have no real reputation outside of it. Or rather, definitely not on an entire other continent since you've done nothing to get noticed on it. You haven't managed internationally or made any name for yourself in continental competitions and you've chosen a very low starting rep as well. As you've found, you are getting attention in South America at least. The cup wins and qualifications probably helping you there.

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Post Brexit it is not possible to get a work permit in England without Continental coaching licence. That could be the reason.

Oh sorry, did not read that you started as an English. Quite interesting then. 

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