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Strange and game breaking bug in France database

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Hi everyone. I apologize for my poor English, but you know the reputation of french people with other languages...


I have a very strange and annoying bug that started on FM20 and continues on FM21. I don't know why but all the reserves teams of all clubs in France are totally bugged, making them not working. Even in original database, all the clubs have this strange "equipe 2" and no championship at all for "Equipe réserve". I try to unistall the games, and the editor but it doesn't work. In FM 20 i try to recreate manually all the reserve's division, it works, but when I want some first team's players to play with reserve they are unavailable. 


I'm just buyinbg FM21 because I really want make a career with Toulouse and... same bug again and again. I'm so disappointing and I don't know what to do...



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