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Scouts assigned to players and competition the same time

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Hello fellow Managers. I have a question over general scouting assignment vs player scouting. Atm at lower league with only 3 scouts (7-9 JP attributes :( ) I am doing mainly manual scouting identified players ( player searched/recommended and clicked "get scout report") which are then showing up in the scout priorities. The scouts do not have any general assignments set up (e.g. nation or league) except for one to scout next opposition. If there would be though lets say scouting the league I am in (competition) would they generate the player reports ("watching matches") or they would be overwhelmed with the player assigned scouting? So one scout could do the same two effectively or he would only watch the "get scout report" player for the assignment period (2 week?) and not attend a match during that 2 week?

I would imagine that he does both simultaneously, although I am not sure if I should give him a general assignment if he has a pile of 100 players specifically to scout.

Do you have experience in how this could work? Want my scout setup as effective as I can and I wonder if 1 general+2 player scout or 3 all around would benefit more (faster scouting). Thanks for any advice!


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