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Use EDT files to mass-add players to the database


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Quite simple really. I remember you used to be able to use .EDT files with "FUTURE_REGEN" to add, well, future regens into the rotation or such. I remember trying this with a couple of files in FM19 and never saw them coming through, so I don't know if they still work or if I simply did it wrong or what. But it got me thinking about being able to make a file full of players to add to the database. You know, define a first name, surname, nationality and club. Maybe more detailed options like the "DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" option.

For example, a format like this:

"ADD_PLAYER" "Fabio" "Fabinho" "Oliveira" "1/1/2003" "Brazil / Portugal" "Flamengo"

Would then add a young Brazilian/Portuguese player named Fabio Oliveira (Fabinho for short) to the Flamengo squad. Maybe added columns for stuff like position or CA/PA and so on. Obviously leaving any of the numerical columns blank would have the game do this on its own, so I could leave out his DOB and then he could be of any age (between 15 and 40 I guess, lol), leave his CA/PA blank and they would be assigned relevant to the club he's at, his age, etc. And no cap on the CA/PA!! :D

No fuss whatsoever. This would be an invaluable tool to people like me who have ambitious projects like a 100% newgen database (related to my earlier suggestion about the 'fake players' stuff, would love to hear what the status of that is btw :D), without needing to do a lot of manual work with the editor. Just put them all in an .EDT file, and hey presto, there they all are when the game loads up.


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