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Had a terrible run of form from mid December till Feb.

Board called a meeting about form I made some response along the lines of lets scrap this season and try again next season they agree

FIVE blooming games later they call me into another meeting WTF telling m,e about its not good enough after they promised me the next season!!!!

So i tell them ill improve

End the season comes The board calls a meeting

Telling me about they dont want to hear anymore excuses!!! WTF you told me we wipe this season in the first meet What kind of BS is this?????

I won the FA cup last season!

Where are the options to say "LOOK WHAT I DID LAST SEASON"???????????

Why are they telling me i have next season to put things right if theyre just gonna sack me!!!????????


No i dont have a save this is an online save I cant even show screenshots because youve thrown away the past conversations tab.


Interactions has been a joke for years

There's a finite number of responses (usually 6 :rolleyes:) how can you have so many scenarios that dont make sense or contradict each other???????

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Sorry for the frustration this has caused you @jere_d

We can look at online saves; appreciate you may be fed up with it at the moment, for that I'm sorry, but I would like to look into this if you ever fancy providing a save showing the issue.

We don't consider the game perfect & your feedback is valuable to getting us to change it for the better. So, again, I'm sorry about this; if you do ever fancy giving a save to us to check things out, you can upload here, just let us know:

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