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3D Match experience (entrance music, goal music, Stadium Editor)

Lukas Eck

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Hello dear community,

i am from Germany (sorry for my bad english) and i wanted to ask if there is a possibility for the future to implement entrance music  + goal music for the different stadiums of the clubs and also a 3D Stadium Editor (to create real stadiums for the 3D Match). 

These both features are  e.g. possible  in the german version of the football manager, like the "EA Sports Fussball Manager 2009" and we really loved it and this was a completely different and worldclass match experience. Almost every german footall manager players would love to have this and maybe also a lot of players in the world ?:lol:

Is there a possibility to implement this and had you ever something like this in your plans?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

greets from Germany :lol:


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