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AFC Richmond (Ted Lasso) Football Manager 2021 Database Release!

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(Spoilers for the Apple TV show 'Ted Lasso' ahead)


The time has come for YOU to take control of season two of Ted Lasso!

After the heartbreaking relegation, AFC Richmond really has rallied around their manager (You) and stayed together ready to take on the Championship and get promoted as quickly as possible. Ted Lasso stepped back to work with the youth players at the club. Join in Beard, Nate, Rebecca and the rest of the club staff to work out signings, tactics and TRAINING, MAN.

Personal twist: While Bex Mannion is a 'Director' at Richmond, Rupert has restarted an old football club from just across the Thames in Hounslow, but they play in Tier 9 of English football, so perhaps you join him in a journey to glory from the depths of the Counties leagues?


Fun added features:

  • 'It's Now or Never Derby' vs Everton

  • Hounslow Borough (Rupert Mannion's new club in tier 9 (Hellenic Premier)

  • Jamie Tartt back at Manchester City

  • Full roster, every name in the locker room represented with a player, with what sources I could find.

  • League's set to what teams were relegated with Richmond and which stayed up (RIP Brighton)

  • Added a league history (Made up back to 1999) for Richmond, for a little more added depth.

  • Trent Crimm, the Independent

  • Players have /partial/ histories completed, perhaps at a later time they will be fully flushed out.

  • 3,000+ Database changes

Thank you to everyone on r/TedLasso that offered staff members to fill up the club! Also to Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly and Brendan Hunt for creating such a wonderful show!

Big Thanks to the TheFMEditors Team for the T10 database that this one was built upon

Twitter Post for extra screenshots: https://twitter.com/KubeFM_/status/1345711820321992709



AFC Richmond logos + Database.zip

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 This will be getting updated for 21.4 in anticipation for season Two of Ted Lasso! It will be out soon hopefully, sorry for the inactivity here!


Updating the leagues for teams relegated and promoted in real life, roster updates and other fun stuff!

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