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Hi, I’m having issues with choosing a primary and secondary sorting column on team selection.

On previous games you would have a triangle indicating primary, and two triangles indicating secondary.

Is there a way to fix this, using an iPad?


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Hi @Matt Paul,

Thanks for contacting us and apologies for the delay.

Could you possibly send new screenshots circling the areas where you believe columns may have been removed and could you confirm whether that is the issue you are experiencing? Some columns were removed due to tooltip improvements that were made so this may be by design if they are the columns i think they may be.



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Pretty sure I can jump in here.


I don’t believe this is an issue with columns being removed. But that, on iPad, there doesn’t seem to be any way to have “secondary sorting”. by this , we mean that if I wanted my team selection to be sorted by selected players AND by their position. This is no longer possible. In previous versions, you could select a column (any column) and it would sort, ascending or descending. Then select a secondary column and it would also do the same. 

if you imagine columns USED to work in this manner when clicking on  “position” for example:

1st click - Primary sorting Ascending (1 white triangle pointed upward)

2nd click - Primary sorting descending (1 white triangle pointed downward)

3rd click - Secondary sorting ascending (2 white triangles pointed upward)

4th click - Secondary sorting descending (2 white triangles pointed downward)

on PC this function is done by holding down shift and clicking on the second column you want to sort by. 

on iPad, this seems to be removed? 

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Well explained by Benny. The issue is with the fact we can’t apply a second filter any more. Is there anyway to reset the ‘Selection Info’ view to default with the two filters?

Makes it very difficult to setup your match day squad without that functionality as it leads to a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

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