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I use the same tactics and the same team (Milan) for both FM20 and FM21. First I’ve noticed that players ratings were lower in FM21 than FM20. The two three best players in FM20 could have season average from 7.70 to 8.00 (Bennacer as Regista)

In FM21 my best player (Bennacer) has performed 7.08 in season where I won the league. After patch 21.2 it got even worse. Theo Hernandez only perform a season average of 6.77 although I won the league and he is one of the best players in the game. 

Don’t bother telling me it doesn’t matter as long as you win. It does to me. I play the game for getting good rating and my players value to increase. Not decrease because of a ridiculous rating system. 

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10 minutes ago, Tyburn said:

I think it has been acknowledged by SI as something that needs looking at. Maybe a hotfix, more likely the next patch.

I really hope so because it pretty ruins my joy to the game. 

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