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Unable to select 1st team players for 2nds, unless move squads


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Please help. Since the last update, I find that I can't use players for any other squad as they are always set to Ineligible.

When I choose my squads at 9am on game day I try to move players across squads (e.g. 1st Team player to Reserves, U19 to Reserves, Reserve to U19). I also ensure their status is set to be for that squad with 90 minutes of play time.

When the teams are shown at 3pm, the players are only eligible to play for the squad they are a member of.

Yes, I can move them to other squads, but I am finding:

1. This is hurting player morale

2. I am wasting a lot of time re-configuring mentoring, training, etc.

I have tried to add the players to the starting line up, but as the screenshot shows this does not matter, the players are unavailable.

I have the save game available if required at 9:15am with the players from the 1st team highlighted in red selected for the reserve tam.

2021-03-01 FM21 Team Selection Problem.PNG

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I have further information. I can move players into the 1st squad if they are part of the game day squad. If they are substitutes it makes them all ineligible.

I can't move players between U19 & 2nds as all U19 players, including those that are not selected as players or reserves, are flagged as ineligible as they are playing.

I can't move players under the age of 18 from reserves or 2nds, as all players are flagged as ineligible as they are playing.

I have provided plenty of documentation and offered any information requested. An acknowledgement by the vendor who I paid a premium for their product would be the slightest courtesy at this time.

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Thanks Tony for the reply. I understand how busy you all are at this time.


I followed the links & have uploaded the save file.

Anonymous upload - File Name is Auxerre15 Selection Problem.fm.

Loaded around 11:15pm UK time.

If it helps, I have provided a screenshot which shows a few of the 2nds team players that I tried to add to the U19 team, and were flagged as ineligible when the games start at 3pm.

2021-03-01 FM21 Team Selection Problem U19.PNG

2021-01-06 FM21 File Upload.PNG

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