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Is there a relation between league reputation and player improvement?

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As per Title.

I was wondering, since players develop more when they play actual league football and not just by training, how is their improvement "calculated" ?

Or the question could be reprhased like this: suppose player A and player B have identical stats and both start every week. They play for two different teams which, let's suppose, have identical staff and identical training facilities. However these clubs are one in Premier League and one in League One. Will the player who plays in the Prem. develop faster? And if so, then is this related to the league reputation?  Thanks if anyone knows :)

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I believe if everything is exactly the same, facilities, staff, playtime, squad dynamics etc then the same player should develop at the same rate, regardless of league. Although quality of opposition would be a factor I suppose. So not league rep per se. More the quality of players playing in said league. Also age is relevant. At a certain age players develop faster with game time. Prior to that training is more important. 17? 18? Around this age.

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Yes, playing at the right level compared to a player's skill is important for further growth. A player who has the quality to play in the second division but plays in the third instead, will never improve as much as when he plays at a higher level in the same circumstances (identical ratings and training quality/facilities). 

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