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So, I’ve been playing without issue now daily. I’ve just loaded my save and for some reason the cursor isn’t appearing when I hold in the left stick and the menu when holding down LT is also not appearing. 

I have remapped my controller and tried a new one to no avail. Also reloaded the games multiple times. My friend who is in my online save with me is experiencing no issues so I’m perplexed. Any ideas? 

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Hi @LoopzUK, thank you for your post. 

We have not been able to reproduce this issue here, are you able to provide some of the below information;

- How many/what leagues are loaded in game.

- How many users/who is being managed.

- What game Mode is affected? (Online career/FD/Career/All)

- Are you experiencing this issue in one save or is it now affecting all save files in all game modes?

- Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game from the store? (this would be our first recommendation)

Any additional info you provide would be greatly appreciated. 

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