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Turning professional is a cryptic process fraught with peril

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I'm posting this in the bugs forum because I need to rant and I consider this process to be so opaque and fraught with peril it counts as a bug.

I'm playing an American club in a modded USA pyramid but I don't think the nation or database matters. Anyway, here's my story. Once upon a time I started a new journeyman save managing a local amateur club. I brought in some Carribbean-based players on amateur contracts and promised about 15 guys Star Player status but managed to juggle it and keep everyone satisfied all season, and we won the league and got promoted despite only top half expectations.

All was well but then the board wanted to go professional and since the club had only $80K in the bank I argued against it and they agreed. Then 2 weeks later they went pro anyway. I was given a $3600/week wage budget. I tried to re-sign the star Brazilian BBM I signed at midseason and he wanted $1200/week. FML. My only hope is that he doesn't get lured away until the first window closes. Did I mention the board is expecting back-to-back promotions and another league title?

Also all this time I had pretty much ignored my U21 team of scrubs, but I left them as a big squad full of junk players because there seemed to be no need to cut people I wasn't paying anyway. But now after going pro I happened to notice that every single one of them was now on $70/week which I was never notified about or given a chance to avoid. Obviously I would have cut these awful youth players as amateurs before paying them a cent if I had been given an option. 

This is a really bad experience and the game does a really poor job of explaining these perils.

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