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Unable to fine player (repost from General Discussion)

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I had a player miss training (although the inbox notification also says he was absent without leave, and as those are different categories in the Code of Conduct, I'm not actually sure which he violated).

Okay, fair enough, 1/2 week fine per the code of conduct, only it doesn't register. And I can't do it via the player interface, I assume because he is actually absent. Am I missing something or is this just a bug (and why oh why is there not a button to "Discipline per code of conduct" instead of making me look up the appropriate fine)?




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Posted (edited)

FrazT did mention that the players have to agree to the code as well (which we hadn't discussed in a team meeting yet), so that explains why the discipline wasn't automatic I guess?

But the possible bug is still there in that the control in the Inbox message didn't work (and this wasn't the first time, I just thought to post a bug report when it happened again),

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Can confirm that discipline not applying when the Inbox message is used is consistent (when there is no Code of Conduct in place). The workaround is just to right-click the player name in the Inbox message and discipline them from the context menu, but obviously would be nice if the discipline control worked as intended.

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