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Injuries and player transfers

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Hi, I’ve been playing a lot of online career with my friends recently and we’ve all noticed the unbelievable amount of injuries that occur on the game and it’s making the game unplayable having to play reserve players half the season. Not only this but it’s impossible to sell players because as soon as a bid comes through and is accepted the player just refuses the contract can these issues be fixed to make the game more enjoyable thank you 

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Robbiecaldwell thank you for your post and apologies for the delayed response. 

We haven't had any other reports of an unrealistic amount of injuries or player sales not going through and have been able to reproduce these issues internally.

Would it be possible to provide some additional info to aid our investigation such as, how many users are in the online career, how many/what leagues are loaded and who you and your friends are managing?

Also regarding the players refusing the contracts do you have any specific examples of players and which clubs they rejected?, in order for us to try reproduce.

Thanks in advance. 


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Both issues happening on a fairly newer online save this one being just me and my friend. The save has premier league, championship, serie A, Ligue 1, liga Santander and bundesliga. We manage Brighton and Newcastle,  I signed mouctar diakhaby he played for about a season and half and then I signed adarabiayo from Fulham so he wasn’t needed I got a bid from ac Milan who were dominating in the serie A and I accepted they offered diakhaby a contract and even though diakhaby put in a transfer request he rejected ac Milan, this happened with multiple player wanting to leave due to playing time but still rejecting contract offers it’s making me feel like I can’t even play the game properly cause I dont get the opportunity to improve the team unless I’m buying players with potential instead of proven players 

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