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Summary: No transfer window Summer 2021 Chelsea

Description of issue: I am playing Fm21 on steam with Chelsea on the newest update. I am in July 2021 and have no transfer window, other English teams can sign players but I can't sign anyone until January 2022 even free transfers can't sign for me. I have no ban on transfers. I signed Donnarumma on a free transfer at the end of his contract but he is not signing until January 2022. When i view the rules for this premier league season it says the transfer window doesnt start until January 2022 but i am in July 2021.

I also have an issue where I have Emerson who I agreed a sale in summer 2020 but he still hasn't left it looks on my transfer page as its awaiting confirmation a year later but I can't change it or sell him otherwise.

saved game name : Declan Garvey - Chelsea.fm




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more detail + uploading file name
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Hi all just been promoted from the Championship with Watford and its saying the next transfer window isn't until January 2022?  It's June 2021 Meaning I got to play 6 months with no new players.

I've signed 2 players but they won't sign until January 1st 2022 

I'm not the only one either heard a few others with same issue 


Many thanks

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I also have the same issue, I signed free agents in season 1 ending May 21 and they are due to join me in January 2022 when the next window opens. The same happens when I try to extend the contracts of the loan players I currently have. The other club agree's and they are due to join me in Jan 22.

Ive added a screen shot it says my save game file is too big to upload. 

Screenshot (1).png

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  • SI Staff

Hello guys, 

This is an issue we are aware of and the development team are looking into the problem. 

This affects save games that were started in the pre-release beta and with the user in charge of an English club.

Any transfer offer the user attempts to make in between the close of the January 2021 winter window and June 24th 2021, will have a transfer completion date set to 1/1/2022. 

Once the user progresses past 24th June 2021 then any new transfer offer made will go through in the summer 2021 transfer window .

We are looking into the issue. 



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