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Revisiting Simplicity in Grassroots Tactics...in Mongolia

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  • 2 weeks later...


Below are screenshots from my next two seasons, 2021 and 2022.

2021 Campaign - The Domestic Treble!

  • Khurkhree Ligue Champions
  • Mongolian Cup Champions
  • Mongolia Super Cup Champions


We had a pretty standard 1-0 win for our first trophy. 


Although the Mongolia Cup campaign looks straightforward, both Ulaanbaatar sides gave us some real problems. We also had to play four top flight sides, Ulaanbaatar teams, Khoromkhon and Khovid. 


We won the league pretty handily, conceding the least amount of goals and scoring the most. The transfers form the first season to the second were really weird, most teams, including myself were not able to resign real players that began with our club, resulting in a lot of newgens being played. This clearly affected other teams and evened out the competition, as you can see just five points separate 2nd to 7th. I beat my point tally from my first season by one. 

2022 Campaign - Domestic Dominance and Continental Run

  • Khurkhree Ligue Champions!
  • Super Cup Winners!

So we snatched up the Super Cup again. The Mongolia Cup we lost to a 3rd tier side 1-0, conceding in the first minute and completely unable to score. That 3rd tier side ended up making the Cup finals which they played a 2nd tier team! Both sides won promotion demonstrating good form can really carry you in the cup apparently. Our two biggest achievements were our AFC Cup run and our dominance in the domestic league.


As you can see above, we still have two matches to go, we clinched the league with 3 matches in hand! Once again we looked to concede the least amount of goals and perhaps score the most unless Athletic 200 (who gave us a run for our money early on when they opened the season with 4 straight wins). But we really ran away with the title, only suffering our first lost in the 10th match of the season and carrying over an undefeated streak from the previous season. Five points separated 2nd to 6th, so the league is becoming a bit more competitive for mid-table sides but unless one of those teams consistently challenges and maintains runner-ups I think our domestic dominance is reaching its full effect. 


Our AFC Cup ran was really the impressive part of our third season. Not show is the prelim round we had to play, technically in the 2021 schedule. We were expected to just "be competitive" so to make it out of our group against three professional clubs and just lose by 1 goal in the Interzone Playoff Semi-Finals (oddly two rounds away from the actual final) was excellent. Most importantly, I did not change my 5-3-2 tactic for any of these matches.

Actually, the most challenging aspect of my 5-3-2 tactic now is finding a way to keep it effective against teams in the domestic league that are now just going to sit back and counter against us as we maintain our domestic dominance. I discussed above shifting a CB into the midfield against 1 striker sides and I have played with other small changes. I hope to detail those tactical adaptions in my next post. I also hope to tackle squad building strategies. Since our club reputation in Mongolia is still not that far off from traditional powers TTP Erchim and Ulaanbaatar sides, I still lose my non-contract players to those teams. This usually occurs on transfer deadline day too without any warning. My focus is still youth development but until I can start to upgrade youth facilities and recruitment I am stuck with not great youth players with poor mental attributes and personalities. This has become my second biggest challenge, finding a flow of first team players to bring in, especially when the few Mongolian players that can be upgrades are the only few that do not want to come to my club so I have to get creative beyond my borders.

This was a quick update, mostly to prove how good this tactic can be done, even with players whose best attribute is lucky to be at 14 I can play possession-based football at this level. Hopefully I'll be back soon with tactical analysis of my tweaks to the tactic for the league and squad building strategies for this level too.

FC Deren_ Matches.png

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On 18/01/2021 at 22:40, Hav3n_The_Hero said:

Pretty cool stories keep it up. I have been looking to make roaming playmaker work for a while, but it has been tricky.

I agree Roaming Playmaker can be challenging to implement because naturally the role allows a good a lot of freedom of movement, so Off-the-Ball attribute is really key.

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