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Preferred Foot for Raumdeuter and Wide Treq?

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Does the footediness of the Raumdeuter or Wide Trequartista matter?

Is it preferable to have them be same foot as the side they are on? Or opposite foot like an inverted winger or inside forward? I am wondering this because the Raumdeuter especially sits narrower and moves into channels. And they both roam and can score a lot.

I kind of think maybe opposite foot for the Raumdeuter, but same foot for the Treq since he's more of a playmaker?

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Thanks! I feel like a lot of the time, especially when you don't have players of the quality of Müller or Messi it makes more difference than I intuitively give it credit for. Like tactics that maybe should work but don't, I think sometimes might have more to do with a key player or players being the wrong foot than most would think. I've asked about it before in more general terms and I still don't really understand when it should and shouldn't matter (outside of the IF/IW thing) or how to even spot if it could be an issue with roles interacting, etc. I wish there was a great footediness handbook out there!

Like I've seen some interesting tactics where the creator stresses which foot a player should be in key roles, and it seems like the concepts work a lot better when I take that into account. I'm a bit of a Moneyball type, and I think this might be an area where some low hanging fruit advantages are out there, especially when dealing with marginal/specialist type players and roles.

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